Personalize your self-care ritual by layering essential oils and mists crafted from spices, fragrant plants and raw-coconut creme wax. Our unique selection creates a rare story of intoxicating notes that infuse the atmosphere with mood balancing aromas that go beyond perfume and evolve on the skin and in the home varying in levels of intensity throughout the day, developing a unique wardrobe of fragrances that become your signature scent.

  • the BODY BALM [collection]

    The body balm candle collection combines the healing properties of traditional salves with the protective and moisturizing benefits of organic butters and essential oils for a creamy plant-powered herbal infusion.

  • CHOOSE YOUR [mood]

    Our fragrance collection was carefully selected and curated to promote balance in the mind, body and home from naturally derived fragrance oils proven to enhance your mood and create an overall sense of well-being.

  • MOOD SERVANTS [studio]

    Our products are small-batched and hand-poured in our wellness studio, crafted from the highest quality of raw, organic and ethically sourced sustainable ingrediants.