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Mood Servant

Blue Santal

Blue Santal

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Organic & Wildcrafted Mood Mist - 2oz


  • This organic and wildcrafted raw plant-powered body + room mood mist was created to add a refreshing yet subtle dose of fragrance that can be used everywhere allowing you to take your self-care practice anywhere. 


  • Creamy and luxurious cocoa blossoms takes front and center as it mingles with white santal, tobacco leaf and brushed sandalwood for a deeply intriguing sophisticated fragrance.


  • Tobacco Leaf, Brushed Sandalwood, White Musk


  • Grounding, Calming, Woody


  • All Natural- Carry And Use Everywhere!
  • Life Happens- Alter Your Mood [aroma] Anywhere!


  • Refresh, renew and uplift your mood with this all natural mist that can be used on your body, linens and [space]. Shake well before using [natural ingredients separate].


  • Wild crafted witch hazel, distilled water, essential oils and naturally derived fragrance oils.

 Whats included?

  • 1 - 2oz mood mist




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