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Mood Servant

Santal Perfume Solid & Mist

Santal Perfume Solid & Mist

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Santal Perfume Solid & Mist 2oz


  • Creamy sandalwood, sensual musk and raw black cardamom combine to create a balanced fragrance that will arouse feelings of harmony and satisfaction. Inspired by Santal 31, with its high concentration it can be used alone depending on the moment or combined depending on your (mood).


  • Sandalwood, Black Cardamom, Musk


  •  Sensual, Calming, Fresh


  • All Natural- Carry And Use Everywhere!
  • Life Happens- Alter Your Mood [aroma] Anywhere!


  • Refresh, renew and uplift your mood with this all natural mist that can be used on your body, linens and [space]. Shake well before using [natural ingredients separate]. Apply a small amount of the solid to your pulse points then layer with the mist.


  • Wild crafted witch hazel, distilled water, essential oils and naturally derived fragrance oils. The solid contains calendula wax, naturally derived fragrance oils and jojoba oil.

Whats included?

  • 1 - 2oz mood mist
  • 1- .25oz solid perfume 



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