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Crystal & Feather Smudging Wand Bundle

Crystal & Feather Smudging Wand Bundle

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Crystal & Feather Smudging Wand Bundle


  • Connect with your higher self by taking a holistic approach to detoxing your space of unwanted energies with the ancient practice of smudging with this high vibrational handmade crystal & feather smudging wand. 


  • rose quartz- love, compassion, healing
  • amethyst- calming, balance, peace
  • pyrite- wealth, grounding, protection, luck
  • clear quartz- clarity, stability, focus
  • tourmaline- purification, absorbs negative energy, removes blockages and anxiety, blocks EMF's
  • each wand is uniquely made by hand and may differ from the picture slightly


  • Begin your clearing ritual by setting an intention while burning your choice of palo santo or sage. Speak your affirmations and use your wand to guide the smoke in the direction you are cleansing. (You can also set your intentions without the practice of burning palo santo or sage but smudging with smoke helps to clear away stagnant energy and resets your environment). While holding your wand feel the energy of the crystals and speak your affirmations with authority keeping in mind that feeling the desire is what attracts the manifestation. After your meditation place your wand in a sacred space or altar. 

What's included?

  • 1- Crystal & Feather Smudging Wand 
  • 1- Sage Bundle
  • 1- 1oz Mood Mist


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