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Mood Servant

Manifest Abundance Bundle

Manifest Abundance Bundle

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  • Mood Servants Limited Edition Manifest Abundance Bundle is a coconut creme wax candle infused with naturally derived fragrance oils and high vibrational herbs curated to attract abundance, prosperity and success.


  • Chamomile - attracts prosperity, good fortune, wealth and balance in business
  • Sandalwood - attracts abundance, success, prosperity
  • Calendula - creativity, success, transformation, insight
  • Bay Leaf - wealth, manifestation, high vibrations
  • Vanilla - fortune, abundance, refinement 
  • Cinnamon - prosperity, abundance, wealth


  • Set your intentions and spend time with your candle getting clear on what it is that you desire and what you would like to call into your life. Use your journal to write down any limiting beliefs you may have about money and/ or success then cross them out and replace them with positive affirmations. This is a powerful technique used to re-program your mind and develop a new belief system.
  • Handmade in Tibet, the bowls can be re-purposed and used as manifestation bowls for your alter or sacred space. Once your candle has burned completely, remove the wicks and use a cloth to gently clean any remaining residue. Place the crystals and herbs into your bowl from your pouch to continue attracting your desires into your life. You can also use the bowl to hold your palo santo and sage as it is safe and heat resistant.


  • Organic shea butter, fair trade cocoa butter, raw coconut creme wax, Jojoba oil essential oils and naturally derived fragrance oils. Glitter is all natural and made from eucalyptus leaves.   

Whats included? 

  • 1 - 12oz Candle (90hrs burn time)
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