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Palo Santo & Sage Klirring Bundle

Palo Santo & Sage Klirring Bundle

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Palo Santo + Sage

classic candle 


  • This woody, powerful and penetrative aroma eases stress, melts away anxiety  and promotes holistic healing. Traditionally used for energy cleansing- palo santo and sage is highly regarded for its ability to align your mind, body and spirit. Leverage your meditation and self-care ritual with this 100% all natural blend and allow the energetic and healing properties to fill your space and assists you during your practice. The hand rolled palo santo dipped sage bundle allows you to align your chakras while clearing stagnant energy mental blockages.



  • 100% Natural Palo Santo & Sage


  • Centered, Focused, Balanced


  • Raw coconut creme wax, blue sage essential oil and Peruvian palo santo essential oil .

Whats included?

  • 1 - 7oz candle (40hrs burn time)
  • Hand Rolled Palo Santo Dipped Sage Wand



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